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Re: FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing

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Subject: Re: FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing
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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 18:23:19 -0700
      "However, there is a need for FOT and vintage race organizations to
  examining cars that are newer than 1972. Some pretty interesting Triumph
  racing occurred after 1972. Is it preserving history by changing those cars
  post 1972  by changing them back to 1972 specifications? My prediction is
  as the era of current vintage racer gets more ancient that sanctioning
  will get more pressure to allow newer cars that the younger generation of
  vintage saw raced. "

    Cary, this is where you and many others go wrong in my opinion  Some folks
see Vintage Racing existing on a continuim.    As cars get older they suddenly
become "Vintage" and deserve a place to go road racing.  I see "Vintage
Racing" as re-visiting or re-enacting a golden era of road racing that ended
about 1967.  Road racing in the '50's and '60's was big.  Lots of regular old
people did it.  Utah had two SCCA regions putting on road races.  By the time
of the TR7, Utah had no road races.  People had moved on to other types of
motorsports activities be they moto cross NASCAR, Sprint Cars, or trailer
demolition derby.  Vintage races of the future may feature the great School
bus races of today, but I won't be there to participate.

      I compare the golden era of vintage racing to WWII in this way.  There
is a great deal of interest in restoring WWII aircraft.  How great would it be
to fly one of the Spitfires or Messerschmitts that dueled over Europe.  But
would you want to see the Hawker Hurricane dueling an F-4 Phantom?
Additionally on what date does a F-4 Phantom become a WWII fighter?

      Hey I think a TR8 or 7 is a great car.  But the interest in racing them
and their contemporaries is quite low in the population at large.

  Thanks for listening

  Cheers Henry (just wanna keep this topic alive) Morrison

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