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RE: FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing

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Subject: RE: FOT & the Fun of Vintage Racing
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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 11:25:07 -0600
I was going to try and stay out of this but what the heck. FoT is a
non-organization of Triumph racing friends, no rules, no dues and no
scales! The racing clubs have rules and the rules are different pretty
much everywhere we go. Why? Because everywhere you go there are
different preferences and different limits based on the paid membership
of the clubs involved. I don't think FoT has any business saying
anything about how we build our cars. We just support all Triumph
racing. The net result of the current non-spec system is that we have
Triumphs out there with everything from bone stock engines to dual
Weber, semi-grenade motors. We have stock bodywork on wire wheels to
full flares on Ford rear axles. We have roll hoops and full cages. We
have variety based on what we can run where we come from. 

I don't mind losing a race to a faster car no matter the reasons why. I
try to always err on the safe side. That is what vintage racing id
supposed to be about. I do get peeved about apparent cheating within my
own club, but I could care less if they let guys in VARA run fiberglass
or Webers. I want to be able to enjoy the show their cars put on at the
track and the competition whenever we can get on the track together.
I'll take 'em anyway they can get there. 

I support the idea that TR7 and TR8 racecars should be allowed to race
with all the other Triumphs, however I also support any club that
chooses to cut off participation at 1967, 1969, 1972 or any other date,
as long as their club members support it. It is the club's decision as
to what point in time they want to cut things off and how aggressive
they are going to be in policing the rules. 

I don't want to drive a Spec Spit or TR4. Let's keep the FoT out of it.

Bob Kramer
Sales Manager
16415 North IH35
RDO Equipment Co.
Pflugerville, TX  78660

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