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Re: Swapping out Strombergs for SUs

Subject: Re: Swapping out Strombergs for SUs
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 21:43:47 EST
Thanks Shane.....

That's a breathe of fresh air in the Stromberg Barn of Bad Smells.

Sometime in the 70s I rebushed my worn shafts and rebuilt these TR4A Z-S. The 
car was dismantle and I set the carbs on the shelf.  

30 years later they have resided on my TR4 racer for 14 years and seem to 
perform quite well.
> Amici,
> I've heard so many people badmouth Strombergs, and until 1997,
> I was one of them!
> My 74 TR6 had the usual (plus more) Stromberg problems.  Couldn't
> pass CA smog, popped and f**rted on trailing throttle, irregular
> idle,  choke was unpredictable, ran differently in humid weather,
> blah, blah, blah.
> I took over the maintenance on my TR6 in 1995 after spending
> mucho $$$ and never having it run right.  I joined the Triumph
> email list (thanks Mark!) and learned that I could take care of the
> car myself.
> And did so.
> So in 1997, I had the throttle shafts on the Strombergs rebushed,
> rebuilt the carbs myself, and put them back on the never-opened
> 80,000+ mile motor.
> What a revelation.
> Smooth idle, eagerly spun to 6,000 rpm, started and ran like a charm,
> regardless of weather.  Most people thought it was a rebuilt motor.
> The dyno chart at should attest
> that this tired stock motor ran quite well.
> I doubt if the SUs would add anything except to a dedicated race motor,
> where the versatility, broad spectrum of tuning options, and relative
> insensitivity to weather would favor the SUs.
> Give the Strombergs a chance, and get them rebushed and rebuilt.  If it
> still does not turn your crank, then try the SUs.  Its only money.
> Shane Ingate, starting holidays tomorrow, in Maryland

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