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Re: Swapping out Strombergs for SUs

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Subject: Re: Swapping out Strombergs for SUs
From: "Charly Mitchel" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 08:57:17 -0800
I wish I could, but I have to busy a schedule this next year, going to
Goodwood Revival and all.
Charly TR6 #44
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  Yup, that's the ones...I'll hang on to my spare floats, too.

  You coming to Hallett? This event is climbing the charts in entries and VIP

  Thanks....Joe (A)

    If you have the early TR4 Z-S carbs and look at them they sit real tall in
    area between the throat and the top of the suction chamber.  They also
have a
    funny choke on them, a flap that rises up in front of the bridge and
    the piston a little and also blocks the airflow at the same time.  If
    next to a TR6 Z-S, the look about 25% larger, even though they are 1 3/4".
    believe they we used on the very early TR4's and were switched to SU's
    The floats can be hard if not impossible to find.
    TR6 #44

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