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Re: Swapping out Strombergs for SUs

Subject: Re: Swapping out Strombergs for SUs
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 10:45:26 EST

Yup, that's the ones...I'll hang on to my spare floats, too.

You coming to Hallett? This event is climbing the charts in entries and VIP 

Thanks....Joe (A)
> If you have the early TR4 Z-S carbs and look at them they sit real tall in 
> the
> area between the throat and the top of the suction chamber.  They also have 
> a
> funny choke on them, a flap that rises up in front of the bridge and raises
> the piston a little and also blocks the airflow at the same time.  If held
> next to a TR6 Z-S, the look about 25% larger, even though they are 1 3/4".  
> I
> believe they we used on the very early TR4's and were switched to SU's 
> later.
> The floats can be hard if not impossible to find.
> Charly
> TR6 #44

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