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Re: Starters

Subject: Re: Starters
From: Ted Schumacher <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 08:25:09 -0500
Jack & list.  The "other" starters" were advertised to be a Denso made 
in China.  Since Denso does not have a plant in China, this makes it a bit 
difficult to believe. (the Denso attornies thought the same thing.  The 
starter in question is a Chines made knock-off of a Denso. It is brought 
into the States in pieces then assembled here.  Our starter is a Denso, 
not a copy.  The Chinese unit has been replaced in large companies, who 
bought on price, by the Denso due to quality issues with the Chinese 
unit.  My thanks for all the FOT support and positive coments.  On the 
subject of wires inside,  the ajority of vibration related problems are 
on extremely high rev cars ike a Formula Atlantic car.  Ted

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