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RE: four cyl diesel

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Subject: RE: four cyl diesel
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 06:52:35 -0800
> The chassis dyno shop I use is in a little town in northern Illinois.
> The owner of the shop is a certifiable performance nut. I was
> surprised that his family car is a diesel VW Rabbit or whatever they
> call them now.
> "Huh?" I said.
> Said he, "237 horsepower at the wheels, with the turbocharger and the
> chip I installed. It's really fun to run with the Porsches on the
> Interstates".
> I'm impressed.

That would be the VW Golf TDi ... stock rating is 150 bhp and 38/46 mpg from a
1.9L diesel.  I thought about buying one myself, but they are illegal in CA.
The 1.9L TDi motor is also available in the new Rabbit and the Jetta.  There's
also a 2.0 version available in the Passat & Passat wagon.  (everywhere but CA)


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