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Re: Tractor Motors in Tractors

To: John Herrera <>
Subject: Re: Tractor Motors in Tractors
From: Larry Young <>
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 09:07:21 -0600
I've been surfing the net looking for information.  I ran across the FOF 
(Friends of Ferguson) website.   The best information was at  The Ferguson 20 was a revolutionary 
tractor and dominated the European market after the war. It appears that 
both US and UK production used both Continental Z-120 engines and 
Standard engines, but the Continental engines were predominant in the US 
made tractors.  I couldn't find much information about the Continental 
engine.  The Standard engines were 1850 cc and produced 24 hp.  One of 
our race motors might perk it up just a bit.

John Herrera wrote:

> Does anyone know the history of
>> our engines in Ferguson tractors?  Larry Young
> I am far from an expert in this, but I think that the Ferguson 20s 
> that were sold on this side of the Big Pond had OHV Continentals. The 
> story goes that Sir John Black copied the Continental to make the 
> Standard engines equipping the Ferguson 20s sold Over There.
> The Continental and the Standard  look somewhat similar, the pushrod 
> tubes in the head being noticably the same. The starter is on the 
> other side and there are other differences.
> I once worked on my ex-future-father-in-law's Fergie and the engine 
> looked familiar. It was a Continental.
> I took a TR3 block to a machine shop and they asked, "What kind of 
> tractor is this from?". The TR3 owner started to say, "It's from a 
> British sports car... ", and I kicked him in ther shin to shut him up.
> John H.

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