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Re: Tractor Motors in Tractors

Subject: Re: Tractor Motors in Tractors
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 10:42:56 EST

Believe me, after a lifetime of association with tractors, there is nothing 
orgasmic about them.

Dad was a Farm Implement Dealer...guess who the degreaser was?
I also plowed the south forty and threw bales of hay.

I like the sound of a Jack's well tuned tractor engine at speed, when it is 
on the track, not in the field.

And I like keeping the legacy alive with wet sleeve liners...although Dad may 
not understand the concept.

Joe Alexander

> Larry:
> Careful.  You're going to bring all of the ex-DEERE guys on the FOT List to 
> orgasim.
> Bill (Damdinger)

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