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Re: Oil choice

To: barry rosenberg <>
Subject: Re: Oil choice
From: Hugh Barber <>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 20:50:37 -0800
barry rosenberg wrote:
>     Has anybody heard that they removed Zinc from most new oils and that is
> one of the problems with the majority of oils and our old bearing material.
> I have been told that the new car bearings are designed to work without the
> Zinc but our older bearings that we seek so hard to find and pay dearly for
> do not work with the newer oil compounds. What does the Zinc in oil do
> anyway?  Barry

One of my <other> vices is motorcycling.  Oil quality/content is a 
common topic on motorcycle boards.  The word from the cycle guys is that 
to get a higher zinc content (although I don't know if its as high as it 
"used" to be), you need to use "Racing" motor oil, motorcycle oil, or 
diesel motor oil (Shell Rotella, etc). 


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