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Subject: Re: Oil choice
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 13:36:14 EST
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We (Brick, Dentinger, Wismer) use a 'break-in' oil in a fresh engine, and 
then change to Mobil1 after the first (mild) session.  For my part, I was 
influenced by Dan Wilke (YARD RACING) because he had a one-on-one visit with 
Roger Penske at a bar in New Berlin several years back.  CART was in town 
(Milwaukee Mile) and Penske was (alone??? hard to figure) at a very fancy 
grommet restaurant.  Dan was there with his girl friend Debbie.  They were all 
sitting at the bar waiting for tables.  During the conversation, Penske swore 
that the "...Penske team CART cars use the same Mobil1 you can buy off the 
shelf at any dealer."  Dan found that hard to believe.  Penske said, "It's a 

Regardless, we've been using Mobil1 since.  We've had no issues.  Of course 
we don't drive as hard as some others.

Bill Dentinger

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