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RE: Oil choice

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Subject: RE: Oil choice
From: "Henry Frye" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 08:05:02 -0500
My $.02 on the subject...

For the record, I run new engines on Castrol GTX for one weekend, taking it
real easy on the first session and working my way up to full chat by Sunday.
Then, back in the shop I switch to Mobil1.

Does the engine make better power on Mobil1? In theory, it should. Does it?
I dunno. It sure starts easier on cold mornings, and that alone is worth the
price of admission.

The $64 question seems to be does Mobil1 lubricate better and keep your
bottom end together better than conventional oil???

I think if you get ALL your clearances dead-nuts-on down there any good oil
will be fine. Screw up one bearing and no oil in the world will keep the
bottom end together.

So much for the obvious...

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