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RE: Oil choice

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Subject: RE: Oil choice
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Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 07:57:06 -0500
     Years ago, I used an oil from the west coast over here in Atlanta
called Torco. It was a full synthetic oil and we used 20w50 weight. We were
told a lot of NASCAR teams used it instead of the brands that supported the
team. It was also rumored that Penske used it in the Indy cars. I think
Gilander used to carry it but am not sure. It always worked and never caused
an engine failure. Or were my engines just built that well. We did have a
problem but that was traced to the piston maker not profiling the skirts
correctly. No oil would have prevented that and they admitted it. I also
spoke with a Castrol oil rep. who said that, in a street car, you should
never run a full synthetic oil but a blend. Synthetic oil lubricates best at
temp. but not as good when cold. Petroleum based oils lube better cold than
hot. Street cars get better lubrication when cold starting when cold with
the blend. According to the rep. I just used Castrol 20w50 in most of my
cars except for the Honda S2000. It gets a Castrol blend.  Barry

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