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Re: [FOT] broken head stud

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Subject: Re: [FOT] broken head stud
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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 08:15:55 +0100
Try this:

pull out the liners so that you have access from the waterside to the
bolt.  Soak the bolt with rust removing liquids about one week.  drill
a hole (5mm) into the bolt from the top side and screw in a tool that
can drive out the bolt (I don't know the english name). We call it
bolt remover.

Screw in that remover tool, try if it does move the bolt. If not, use
acetylene flame to heat up the the area VERY quickly and try again. Do
that again and again until the bolt does move...heating up and cooling
down. The block must be a lot warmer than the bolt.

Hope this helps.


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