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Re: [FOT] broken head stud

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Subject: Re: [FOT] broken head stud
From: "Brad Kahler" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 21:03:41 -0600

Thanks for all the replies.  There were so many replies I'm just going to 
thank everyone in one email!!!

I did neglect to mention that the stud that had broken off was one of the 
long ones.  The broken part is about 5" below the top of the block.  It 
seems like just about everyone had the same general idea of making a 
pilot of some sort to guide the drill bit to keep straight and centered 
in the hole.  What I'll probably need to do is to make a pilot that goes 
almost all the way into the hole just to make sure the drill bit stays 
centered on top of the broken stud.

Since I'm not in need of this block right now every so often I'll fill 
the hole with kroil (of which we have a gallon around here somewhere) and 
let it do its magic before attempting to extract the broken stud.

I do like the idea of welding a drill rod onto the end of an easy out to 
help try and extract it.  That was one of the areas I was unsure of what 
to do.  

As for the machine shop, I was really disappointed he didn't offer to try 
and remove the broken bolt.  He basically said sorry, gotta another block 
for me to work on.  Didn't make me to happy to say the least.

Anyway, I appreciate all of the advice.  I feel a lot better about being 
able to salvage this block.


1957 TR3 Vintage racer

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