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Re: [FOT] broken head stud

Subject: Re: [FOT] broken head stud
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 07:03:44 EST
My brother taught me a trick for removing broken bolt or studs.   If it is 
sticking out just a little bit, slip a washer over it and then center a nut on 
top.   Then take the MIG welder and carefully weld the nut to the stud.   By 
welding the nut gets the stud real hot and when it cools the bond usually 
breaks.   Juice it up with lots of penetrating fluid and it comes right out.   
have used this to remove many broken studs and bolts and it you are careful is 
should work on your block.   If it doesn't you're back to step 1 and will have 
to go the drilling route.

Dean VanDeCarr

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