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Re: [Fot] Rod Bearing issue

Subject: Re: [Fot] Rod Bearing issue
From: Jim Prettyleaf <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 21:54:07 -0700 (PDT)
  Considering your previous bad experiences with Ford rods you should check 
everything on the suspect rod at least three times.  Jack Brooks' 
recommendation to check the big end for out-of-round conditions makes sense.  
Did you happen to check the journal the rod was running on before the crank was 
turned?  I have previously measured some high mileage cranks and found journals 
that were slightly egg shaped. 

Jack Brooks <> wrote:

Is it possible that #1 big end isn't getting enough oil? I know the engine
oil pressure is good, but perhaps there is a restricted passageway coming
out of the crank.

Also, what does the wear look like? Is it even across the journal or offset
to one side? 

This is purely conjecture on my part. I have not experienced uneven wear
like you described.


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Subject: [Fot] Rod Bearing issue

This may be one of those questions like "what's up with women" but I am
regrinding a crank on a street TR 3 engine that wore out big end bearing #1
while all the others and the mains look like new. Its clearly not a bent
rod, been there on a Ford. Can't figure out why just the one journal would
wear? Anything I should check before putting in the reground crank?

The car has always had an oil pressure issue 70psi cold, 20 psi hot, 15
really hot. It was this way through two engines from bran new to... Thought
it was the gauge but never really investigated. Ran 30 wt GTX -> 40 wt when
they start to smoke. Last decade or so I have been running 20 50 GTX.
Followed the oil emails all winter but I can't imaging that the additives
would affect oil pressure.

Finally, having problems finding tri-metal bearings at 30 over, are they
that important in a street engine?



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