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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 08:24:43 -0000
In the UK, I sent both my boys on a specialist driving course, based on the 
advanced police driving 
course used by 'the Met' in London. It included:
1. Driving on motorways (freeways) at the 70mph limit in the rush hour. Prior 
to the test, learner 
drivers aren't allowed on motorways at all. Motorway driving was a regular 
feature of the course as 
they needed variable weather and traffic conditions
2. Then there was the skid pan. A specially created driving centre with one 
whole day spent learning 
about skid occurence and prevention plus a further day in a specially adapted 
car with bald tyres on 
a wet and greasy surface.
3. Then additional classroom work on driving in fog and snow, putting what 
you'd learned into 
practise in a small simulator.
The course lasted ten days and cost a fortune but it was probably the best 
investment I could have 
made in both my sons at a time when passing your driving test meant to many of 
my day - and later, 
that "you knew it all." IMHO, this sort of post-test instruction should be 
mandatory - but of 
course, governments usually have better ideas.

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