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Re: fuel tank filter

To: "Ron Fine Esq." <ronfineesq@earthlink.net>, Awgertoo@aol.com,
Subject: Re: fuel tank filter
From: "tom felts" <tomfelts@earthlink.net>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 18:35:16 -0400
I don't think you have a choice---------could be wrong----but if you think
the filter on the inside is clogged, then there is stuff inside the tank
that needs to come out and you might as well pull the filter and put one
outside the tank.

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> Date: 7/25/04 6:08:55 PM
> Subject: Re: fuel tank filter
> Michael,  my tank is out of my car but the 90 degree fitting at the tank
> like it is welded to the tank.  I didn't want to mess with that weld.  Any
> other suggestions?
> Ron
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>     Just a question.  How does one remove the fuel tank filter at the end
> the
>     pickup without cutting open the tank?  The fitting at the outside of
>     tank is a right angle fitting so you can't just push something stiff
> it
>     to punch a hole in the filter so is there some other way to open up
>     filter without opening up the tank?
>   Ron--
>   Since I had already determined that I was going to install a filter
> the tank and the pump I cut the hard fuel line at approximately the apex
> the wheel arch.  This allowed me to unfasten the fitting at the tank and
> withdraw the pickup for removal of the screen.
>   I did all this as part of installing a back-up NAPA fuel pump upstream
> the SU so I have flex hose going from the filter  to the NAPA to the SU. 
> is a neat installation and easily accessed by removing the left rear
>   BTW, the filter built into the SU pump needs also to be checked for
crud as
> it does not have that great a junk capacity.
>   Best--Michael Oritt

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