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Re: [Healeys] Rotor Bolts

To: Bob Spidell <bspidell@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: [Healeys] Rotor Bolts
From: Bob Haskell <rchaskell@earthlink.net>
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 15:38:29 -0400

I think welding is a bad idea.  It will adversely affect the strength of 
the bolts.

If you want to use a better than OEM, I'd go with AN bolts and nyloc 
nuts.  Just check the bolts when you repack the wheel bearings.

Bob Haskell
AHCA 3000 Mk I registrar

On 03/13/2011 02:32 PM, Bob Spidell wrote:
> My P2 BJ8 has bolts holding the front hubs to the brake rotors. I'd like
> to check torque on the nuts occasionally (yearly), but the bolts turn.
> It occurred to me that I could tack MIG weld the heads to the rotors on
> the backside. I mentioned this on the Forum and a racer said he tried it
> on the rear studs and the studs failed almost immediately and he lost a
> wheel. He attributed the failure to the heat from welding.
> Anyone tried this on front bolts? Recommendations for/against using
> Grade 8 (or Grade 5) bolts? I wouldn't want to gas weld the bolt heads,
> but it seems to me MIG tacks would keep the heat more localized and not
> cause embrittlement but, obviously, there are potentially serious
> possible consequences.
> Bob
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