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My car must be male

Subject: My car must be male
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 95 15:27:36 PST
Jay Tilton opined:

> At 08:57 AM 12/20/95 -0800, White, Richard H. wrote:
> >Do we name our cars after women because we like to remove their 
> >tops? or because they dripple liquids at the worst possible times?  I'm 
> >really confused, Happy Humbug, Richard
> Interesting (and interestingly stated) points.  As I state on my MGB page, I
> think it's because our cars are a source of endless entertainment,
> happiness, and frustration. The mere sight of them raise our spirits, but
> they never let us forget who's in charge.
> Then, of course, there's Popeye's axiom on the enigmatic nature of females:
> "It's been proven through hist'ry that wimmen's a myst'ry."
> (Could I be more non-PC if I tried?  Sorry, Denise.)

I'm not the only female on this mailing list, just the mouthiest.  And why
is that?  Because this is the only place where I can pontificate to a bunch
of guys without being interrupted.

In light of what's been said about why cars are female, my car must be male.
Here's why:

1.  it leaves a mess wherever it goes,
2.  it thinks I should spend all my time taking care of it,
3.  it thinks I should spend all my money on it, 
4.  it drinks too much, and
5.  no one can carry on a conversation around it for all the noise it makes.

I could think of lots more, but I'll give your egos a rest. ;-)

Denise Thorpe

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