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Re: Are MGs really all that tough?

Subject: Re: Are MGs really all that tough?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 95 17:35:34 PST
John P. Elwood razzed us unmercifully for believing that MG's are tricky:

>    We are living a lie you know.  Our egos have gotten a bit ahead of 
> the reality.  With Denise now being a priest, and MG mechanics being 
> reveared by yuppies...  I do believe we've gone a bit overboard.  I 
> hate to say it to everyone, but any moron can fix an MG.  
> Hey, some guy from 
> Liberia who has never seen an MG before can do it, why not you?

Ooooooh, you've done it now.  The MG gods are angry.  With my direct line
(being high priestess, ya know) I can hear them muttering.  Haven't you 
been reading this mailing list long enough to know that saying that a part 
never breaks guarantees that it will break?  You'll be lucky if your cars
are only hit by lightning.  Please tell the rest of the list where your 
cars are parked so we won't accidently drive ours anywhere near them for 
a while.

High priestess Denise

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