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Re: Are MGs really all that tough?

To:, GlennSchnittke <GLENNS@EDGE.ERCNET.COM>
Subject: Re: Are MGs really all that tough?
From: "Ramm, Andy" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 11:54:38 -0600
Glenn couldn't be more right.  Of course, I'm a pigheaded ass, so I 
usually have to curse for a while before turning into a moron to fix my 
car.  Gosh, as I recall -- and so do many of you -- when I was 17 I spent 
my time blowing up cars, not restoring them.  Rotaries make such a nice 
boom when they explode!

Andy "The Pigheaded Ass" Ramm
'67 Midget
'69 B

Now if only I could get young Mr. Elwood to explain rod angularity, mass 
airflow, the ram effect and cam overlap.

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On Wed, 27 Dec 1995 MR JOHN P ELWOOD wrote:

>   We are living a lie you know.  Our egos have gotten a bit ahead of 
>the reality.  With Denise now being a priest, and MG mechanics being 
>reveared by yuppies...  I do believe we've gone a bit overboard.  I 
>hate to say it to everyone, but any moron can fix an MG.  

Rest of heresy deleted for the faithful

>   John  (1972 MGB (see May '94 Hemmings Feature Page), and 1973 MGB-
>GT.  Both mine, restored with my own money, and I'm ONLY 17!)

Now boys and girls, take it easy on him. He's 17 and questioning his 
That's what youth is for. Ask any priest. Instead of berating him, we 
be showing him the true answers.

This young man is on his way. He already has two lbc's and knows a NJ
Supreme court judge (so much for speeding tickets). He already knows that
the problem isn't the carbs and that any moron can fix an MG. He already
knows that we are descended from the monkey wrench.

What is escaping him in the flush of youth is that if the car isn't 
running better, finding out what's actually wrong is where the magic and
incantation lives. And finally being shown the answer is what turns a 
moron into a godlike moron. A moron to be treated with favor and ale. He 
the mark of the Octagon on his forehead (and his forearm and and his 
and probably the living room couch and most certainly the garage floor). 
isn't just ANY moron anymore. He is a Moron of MOWOG.

Glenn "I'm often more off than on" Schnittke


I think it's obvious that we should elect a high preistess with an 
like Denise's. It's perfect. Kegs - just what I had 
MY Christmas wish list; saic - obviously stands for "saints alive, I'm 
Joyful Driving

Glenn Schnittke                    Recovering Musician
Nashville TN                       615-385-2800   
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