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Re: Are MGs really all that tough?

Subject: Re: Are MGs really all that tough?
From: (Jay Hartwig)
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 05:56:01
>Ooooooh, you've done it now.  The MG gods are angry.  With my direct line
>(being high priestess, ya know) I can hear them muttering.  Haven't you 
>been reading this mailing list long enough to know that saying that a part 
>never breaks guarantees that it will break?  You'll be lucky if your cars
>are only hit by lightning.  Please tell the rest of the list where your 
>cars are parked so we won't accidently drive ours anywhere near them for 
>a while.
>High priestess Denise

Ms Thorpe is right.

  MR JOHN P ELWOOD, please refrain from the sarcasm and ridicule.  Obviously 
you are not a humble person.  Being "only 17," I can understand that though.  
You know far more than the rest of us.  If MGs come so easy then find another 

I apologize for being so rude.
Thank you for your time


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