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Re: Are MGs really all that tough?

Subject: Re: Are MGs really all that tough?
From: (Matthew Bain)
Date: 28 Dec 1995 23:46:39 GMT
People, people,
        Let's take it easy! Look, I'm 17 also, and believe it or not, we're 
than you think we are. So give us a break. 

        Just to add my two cents - Like I said, I'm 17, and unlike Mr. 
Lockwood, I
really don't know all that much about what the hell I'm doing... that's why I
have a mechanical engineer for an Uncle, who is glad to help out with the
whole restoration process. Now I don't know about Mr. Lockwood, or anyone
else on this list, but I'm doing it for FUN. Isn't that what it's all about?

Who gives a shit if ANY moron could do it?!  I'm having fun, and learning
about it at the same time. So everybody just chill out!
Matt Bain

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