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Re: Spridget Wheels

Subject: Re: Spridget Wheels
From: (Stan Fickes)
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 10:15:02 -0800
>OK, this depends, what kind of stock rims you are talking about, early
>steel, wires, or rostyle? I think they are all different.
>Now, the question I have been meaning to ask for a while:
>On a SQUARE WHEELARCH Spridget, what size rims/tires will fit the rear.
>If haven't read anything about that anywhere. Probably because racers
>don't care an bugeyes have round wheelarches...

(All this is from my somewhat defective memory, so YMMV!)
Early steel wheels are called 3 1/2", though measure out to 3 1/4".
Rostyle wheels, both the 1275 and 1500 style, are called 4" and measure 4".
(I think those are the dimensions; I am sure that the Rostyles are 3/4"
wider than the steel wheels.)  I have replaced the steel wheels on my '65
Sprite with 1275 Rostyles, and am using 165/70-13's with no rubbing.  These
are the same circumference as the stock 145/80-13s.  I painted the wheels
solid silver, so they have an alloy-like appearance.  Much better IMHO than
the original black/silver paint.  The Minilite replicas I hace seen are 5"
width; stock wires are 4".  sf

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