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Re: Wire wheels

To: tom.spence@bangate1.TEK.COM, <>
Subject: Re: Wire wheels
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 21:02:42 -0500

On Thu, 4 Jan 96, tom.spence@bangate1.TEK.COM wrote:
>I am considering a TD with original disc wheels.  Can anyone let me 
>know what it takes to convert to wire?
Tom I probably should"t say this, but I've seen thousands of TD's and never saw 
a conversion that looked right. The TD looks best with disc wheels. I know this 
is one man's opinion, but the cost of changing to splines, the conversion of 
spare wheel carrier, the trouble wires give all don't add up to justify the 
imagined improvement in looks. TD's didn't come with wires from the factory and 
for some reason MG made few styling mistakes in their entire history. You are 
looking at a grand at a minimum, and the rear wheel carrier will not ever be 
right, as you will have to bolt a spline onto the TD disc carrier. I hope I 
haven't offended others who have done the conversion, which is common, but you 
should rethink it.

Mike Leckstein

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