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Wire Wheels

To: <>
Subject: Wire Wheels
From: Lloyd Decker <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 08:18:32 -0600
        The splines on my wire wheels (67 MGB) have lots of wear; enough
that I am now looking at replacement wheels.  I like wires, and want to
retain them.  (Yes, I have wear on the hubs too, and am in the process of
replacing them.)
        While looking through the catalogs, I see Victoria British is
offering a set of four at a lower price than the other vendors I have
checked.  The VB catalog states the wires have been shipped over 8,000
miles.  Sounds like they are coming from one of the low-wage countries in
        Has anyone had any experience with these wire wheels?  Or, good, or
bad, experience with other brands of wire wheels?
        Also, I have always been attracted to the chrome wires, even though
they aren't 'original'.  I have heard stories about chrome spokes breaking,
so I wonder if any of you on the net have opinions on the different
manufactures of chrome wires, if I decide to go that route?  (Maybe someone
has a set of wires, with good splines, they are interested in selling?)
        Any comments or experiences will be appreciated.
                                Lloyd Decker

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