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RE: Wire Wheels

Subject: RE: Wire Wheels
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 21:21:09 EST
   I've got wires on one of my MGBs, and just so all you Rostyle 
wheel owners know, they aren't as terribly impractical as you think.
    Victoria British and Moss Motors all sell Dunlop wheel made on 
the origianl tooling in INDIA.  They are original, but they might not 
be the best.  The Roadster FActory sell wheels made by Dayton.   
These wheels are made in Ohio.  You can't get English made wheels.  
You can get Dunlops from England, but Dunlop get sthem from India.  
    Chrome wire wheels are optional till 1973, and standard on the 
first 200 MGBs, so do be put off because someone said that they are 
for tarted up MGBs.  If I needed new wheels, I'd have chrome ones.  
But make sure that you buy DAYTONS id buying chrome wheels.  daytons 
have stainless steel spokes, and won't snap like chromed steel wheels.
   Cromed spokes suffer from something called "Hydrogen Embrittlement.
"   I don't know what it is, but supposively it amkes the spoked 
      Also, you are 100% correct in replacing your hubs with your 
wheels.  The new wheels will either round over your old hubs or get 
rounded very shortly if mated up to worn spilnes.  If you splines are 
good, then nevermind.   Sound good?  Also, try talking to the British 
Wire Wheel company out in CA.

    John, driving his GT all winter long in NH

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