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Re: Wire wheels

Subject: Re: Wire wheels
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 07:03:27 -0500
>>        The splines on my wire wheels (67 MGB) have lots of wear; enough 
>>that I am now looking at replacement wheels. 
>> ...
>>checked.  The VB catalog states the wires have been shipped over 8,000 
>>miles.  Sounds like they are coming from one of the low-wage countries in 

At risk of repeating what has been said in this space many times, your best
bet is
British Wire Wheel (Santa Cruz, CA - 408-479-4495).  They sell Daytons.  
Their chrome wheelshave stainless steel spokes so you do not have have the 
"embrittlement" problem associated with the plating process.

When I bought new wires for my Healey they gave me a better price than either
Moss or VB, even with shipping (I live on Long Island).  When I took the new
wheels to the local wheel shop to mount an balance the tires, they needed no 
adjustment of any kind.  

British Wire Wheel also sell the splined hubs at better prices than Moss or

(I have no interest in this company other than the fact that they sell a
product at a good price.)

Good luck,
Peter Schauss
1980 MGB
1963 Austin Healey Mk II

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