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Re: B/GT rear window de-icer, MkII

To: (Will Zehring),
Subject: Re: B/GT rear window de-icer, MkII
From: "Jerry Causey" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 21:32:32 -0800
>---how involved would it be to convert a dynamo-based car into an alternator 
>based car?  I'm guessing a few folks have done this...?

It isn't terribly difficult to do - I don't know nuthin' ' bout 
'lectricity (all that smoke stuff, don't you know), but I managed to do it
successfully to my '67 GT. However, some people on this list will make 
less-than-kind remarks to you about bastardizing a perfectly decent 
car. They don't like fully adjustable front suspension, tube shocks,  
60 series tires, or HS-6 carbs either. God knows what they would say 
about the Porsche 924 seats I installed so I wouldn't bang my head 
against the roll bar installed so I would have somewhere to mount the 
4-point harness (once this madness starts, there's no limit). Oh yes, 
never, ever admit you don't know the formulas for computing any 
electrical or mechanical  thingie (sorry about these technical terms). 
Someone will be sure to point out that everyone but you learned them 
in junior high school.

>I'm asking these berzerk questions cuz I'm sort of maybe perhaps toying with 
>the idea of the "ideal all-weather daily-driver B/GT"

I'm working in the same direction myself. Happy trails...

Jerry Causey

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