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Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)

Subject: Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 96 13:38 PST
Jim Mellander wrote
>Boy, now I'm getting confused - some people saying the Gross Jet is good,
>others say its no good.  Is there an FAQ on it?  Or failing that, could
>the MG Gods & Goddess shed some light on this murky subject.........
>Jim Mellander
    I can only reflect my experience. The principle of the Gross Jet, seems
to me to be better and more reliable than the original Zenith/Stromberg
design. The Gross jet uses a ball which can rotate and offer many many *new*
surfaces to the orifice and still seal. However, the tapered pin is always
in the same orientation and the orifice will tend to enlarge while the pin
will wear and create a shoulder that will not seal as well. Take a look at a
Gross jet and evaluate it for yourself. If you replaced the standard jet
with a new one ( It should have been included in the kit) there is no reason
it shouldn't function correctly, unless it was a defective part. The same
goes for the Gross jet, I guess it is possible to get a defective part.
Having said that, I believe the Gross jet design lends itself to better
reliability over time. I am not sure if fuel pump pressure can have an
effect also if it were intermittently working to capacity. In theory, the
fuel level should close the valve and stop the flow, but I wonder what line
pressure would overcome the valve and overfill the bowl, can a SU pump
produce sufficient pressure? I don't know.
Does pump setup have a factor in this anywhere? Probably not, but one can
speculate.  - John.
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