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Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)

To: 007 <>, John Bartholomew <>
Subject: Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)
From: (Tim Moses)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 14:16:46 -0700
At 09:53 AM 1/17/96 -0800, 007 wrote:
>On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, John Bartholomew wrote:
>> You wrote:
>> >
>> >>To: Tim Moses <>
>> >Tim:
>> > I just rebuilt the
>> >Zenith Carb in my 79 B & now it tries to start ( once only) - then I
>> >smell that wunderful gasoline smell - I assume the carbs flooding....  I
>>  Tim,
>>      Been there, I vote you check the float setting very carefully.  This is
>> more of an eyeball adjustment. It is not particularly easy to set that
>> distance without some sort of depth gauge and then there is some guess work
>> involved. You may want to check the fuel shut off jet is seating OK.  I have
>> found that the *grosse jet* (sp?) is a good route to go. 
>> Good luck - john.
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>Boy, now I'm getting confused - some people saying the Gross Jet is good, 
>others say its no good.  Is there an FAQ on it?  Or failing that, could 
>the MG Gods & Goddess shed some light on this murky subject.........
>Jim Mellander

John, Jim and anyone else who has responded to my original post concerning
Zenith-Stromberg (SINGLE) Carb adjustment:

        For some reason, Jim Mellander's post was the first response to my
original question.  It appears that I missed the discussion up to this
point.   I will take John Bartholomew's suggestion to check the float
adjustment - I haven't done that (BAD BOY).  Till then, ANY input as to
setting and adjusting the idle speed, idle mixture, etc. on the exterior of
the Carb is much appreciated.

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