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Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)

Subject: Re: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)
From: (David Councill)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 08:28:33 -0700
>I had three problems with them in as many months not seating (yes, I had a
>new fuel filter immediately ahead of them). I ordered new standard valves and
>replaced them 5 years ago. No flooding problems since.

I could say "ditto". Actually I find grose jets and the standard variety
more even as far as which is better. Yes I have found the grose jets
failing to seat on occassion - particularly when the car has not been
driven for a week or two.

My experience is that the standard jet is more reliable but does not last
as long. When it is time to be replaced, you will know it.

The grose jet is less reliable, may fail to seat at times, but will last
considerably longer than the standard jet. And they cost about the same.

I am running grose jets by the way, but I would use either style.

David Councill

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