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Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting

Subject: Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 21:05:04 -0400
Don't know much about the dreaded electricals myself, but have been told not
to do battery-battery, battery-battery connections, but rather battery+ to
Battery +, then Battery- to GROUND on that battery's vehicle (assuming
negative earth) This complicates the whole picture, need a wiring diagram to
figure it out, but the reason for mentioning this is that a battery does tend
to give off highly explosive invisible smoke on occasion which, when sparked,
can blow your head off (literally--it happened in one of the SRI labs doing
cold fusion experiments). So the last connection should not be made to the
battery but rather to a point away from the battery.  Since you are simply
hooking the batteries in parallel, without regard to how they are hooked into
their particular cars, the difference in polarities really doesn't matter.
Gary Anderson
60BN7, 71 MGBGT, 88 JAG xj6

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