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Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting

Subject: Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting
From: "W. B. Olson" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 20:18:14 CST
Your first comment is exceptionally correct.

Good hearted though you probably are, please refrain from giving 
advice with regard to electricals.  Following your below included 
advice could result in a nasty explosion to say nothing of the loss 
of all your smoke!!!

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> Don't know much about the dreaded electricals myself, but have been told not
> to do battery-battery, battery-battery connections, but rather battery+ to
> Battery +, then Battery- to GROUND on that battery's vehicle (assuming
> negative earth) This complicates the whole picture, need a wiring diagram to
> figure it out, but the reason for mentioning this is that a battery does tend
> to give off highly explosive invisible smoke on occasion which, when sparked,
> can blow your head off (literally--it happened in one of the SRI labs doing
> cold fusion experiments). So the last connection should not be made to the
> battery but rather to a point away from the battery.  Since you are simply
> hooking the batteries in parallel, without regard to how they are hooked into
> their particular cars, the difference in polarities really doesn't matter.
> Gary Anderson
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Bill Olson
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