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Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting

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Subject: Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting
From: "W. B. Olson" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 10:27:03 CST
Buried in the original post was the advice to ignore the polarity and 
just follow the rule of thumb that you should always hook hot to hot 
and ground to ground.  When going from a + groung vehicle to a - 
ground vehicle, you're just asking for disaster if you follow that 
advice!!  Serious sparks from that operation.  Nuff said.

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> Subject:        Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting

> On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, W. B. Olson wrote:
> > Your first comment is exceptionally correct.
> > 
> > Good hearted though you probably are, please refrain from giving 
> > advice with regard to electricals.  Following your below included 
> > advice could result in a nasty explosion to say nothing of the loss 
> > of all your smoke!!!
> I think you're mistaken.  I see nothing wrong with the advice that 
> BritCarMag gave.  
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