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Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting

Subject: Re: Positive Ground MG and jump starting
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 96 18:50:57 PDT

> This is gonna be it. The rad's in, one final check of everything,
> and it's time to turn that key. Oh Denise (not that type, and high
> priestess) I need your blessings, and every and anyone else associated, even
> loosely, with a higher power.

A blessing upon thy head and make sure there's oil in the crankcase.  If you 
did anything to the cam and/or lifters, don't forget to appease the wear-in 
gods by running the engine at not less than 2500 RPM for at least 30 minutes 
or until the engine makes a horrible noise eight distinct times--not seven 
and not nine; eight, no more, no less; ten is right out.

I'll consecrate a beer to you, but it won't be a homebrew because I'm out.
Hopefully, the gods won't notice.

Denise Thorpe

BTW, the "kegs" in my email address has nothing to do with beer.  It's an 
intentional misspelling of "caigs," which is an acronym for "computer 
assisted image guided surgery."  Impressive, huh?

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