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Speaking of Fiats, no LBC Content

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Subject: Speaking of Fiats, no LBC Content
From: David Littlefield <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 00:19:52 -0800
Alright, I'll bite.

We've had 3 Fiats in the family:

A 1968 850 Spider bought new (beautiful looking car, had the glass
covered headlights a la early XKE before 1969 safety regs outlawed
them).   Wiring completely burned up three months after we sold it in
1969 (Dad was going to Viet Nam and we didn't need two cars).

A 1975 Fiat Ritmo sedan, Fiat's answer to the Rabbit.  Bought new by
brother.  He found a handful of nuts in the air cleaner that Tony left. 
The car had a double floor and Tony also left some round object in
between the layers that rolled from one side to the other on every
turn.  Repair bills outlasted the car.

A 1979(?) 124 sedan bought used by sister.  Tony left a rag in the oil
pan that found its way to the oil pump intake and completely ruined the
engine.  This was in about 1981 and the car was already on its second
transmission.  My grandfather rebuilt the engine with the engine in the
car and sold it as quick as he could get a sign on it.

No tears from the Littlefields when Fiat left these shores.

David Littlefield
Houston, TX

--"Experience is recognizing a mistake the second time you make it"--

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