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RE: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?

To: "'A. B. Bonds'" <>,
Subject: RE: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?
From: Randy Rees <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 09:14:10 -0800
I don't believe that is fair to the users of this list. We all know that
errors can be made in the manual as well as most of the manuals for the
MGB are ancient. I believe Mr. Twist has always swore by 20W50 in the
tranny ( excuse me if this is wrong, but  this is just an example. ), I
think John has seen more broken MG's through his shop than Abingdon or
Hayes ever have . I believe experience is the key to this list and
referring every question to "the Manual " would be a great injustice.

>From:  Jason F. Dutt[]
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>Subject:       RE: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?
>Wait a minute...
>       The Haynes manual (which I HAVE read <g>), says to use the 90W gear 
>lube in
>the tranny, as did Jay Rittenour, the owner of The MG Centre, a specialist
>shop near here.  
>       My point is, I have no desire to play around with different oils/lubes, 
>just want what is tried and true, and proven to work well.  This can be
>difficult to find out, as different sources (people, books) say different
>things.  The only consistent recommendation I've found on anything is to use
>Castrol GTX 20w50 in the motor.  Everything else is fishy.  I finally
>discovered that the (faintly) general consensus was to use Castrol GTLMA DOT
>4 for the hydraulics.  
>       I appreciate the help from all of you, and this is not meant to be a 
>or start another tirade.  You folks have to understand that some of us don't
>know any better on some things, and it's hard to tell sometimes who's word to
>From:  A. B. Bonds[]
>Sent:  Monday, December 02, 1996 6:15 PM
>Subject:       RE: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?
>In <>, Jason F. Dutt wrote:
>>I'm glad you said this! Is this true for the axle as well? I was told 
>>regular 90w gear oil is appropriate for both these applications.
>>Should I use the same Castrol GTX 20w50 that I use in the motor in
>------>  Not a Flame  <-------
>Listen carefully, guy and gals.  About 75% of the questions flying
>around in the last few weeks especially have centered on fundamental
>issues like "What kind of oil should I use".
>These are answered in the most authoritative way in either the
>owner's manual or the shop manual.

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