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RE: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?

To: Randy Rees <>
Subject: RE: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?
From: (Carol)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 13:17:52 -0600 (CST)
At 09:14 AM 12/3/96 -0800, Randy Rees wrote:
>I don't believe that is fair to the users of this list. We all know that
>errors can be made in the manual as well as most of the manuals for the
>MGB are ancient. I believe Mr. Twist has always swore by 20W50 in the
>tranny ( excuse me if this is wrong, but  this is just an example. ), I
>think John has seen more broken MG's through his shop than Abingdon or
>Hayes ever have . I believe experience is the key to this list and
>referring every question to "the Manual " would be a great injustice.

After last night, Randy, I have to agree with you.

We were working on the rear axle of theMGA and were perplexed as to why in
the reassembly process the bearings were binding with the axle nut even just
finger tight. They were frozen so tight that you could not turn them at all!  

Okay, so we dive for  the manual.  It says, basically, reassemble the axle
in the reverse order in which you took it apart. NOT very helpful. No hints.
No clues as to why we would see this phenomenon.

I called John Twist this morning and he alleviated our concerns. Installing
and bolting on the half axle (? I know what the part looks like, but don't
have my manual handy) will straighten everything up nicely. It would have
been "handy" to know that last night...the rear axles would be completely

I realize that we probably need some more books -- I only have three -- but
they cost as much as the parts, and right now getting the car back on the
road is $-wise more important.  

I have come to rely on the experience of others, too. And this list has LOTS
of experience flying around... I have special "folders" for all the
informative e-mail, and look there for answers, too. I may even write a book
someday...a helpful one!! <g>


"As you approach life's curves, never brake and always leave skid marks!"

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