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Re: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?

Subject: Re: Best way to change tranny & axle oil?
From: "Roger Garnett" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 17:45:40 -500
On 27 Nov 96 at 17:01, Jason F. Dutt wrote:

> What is the best/easiest way to change transmission and axle oil 
>in a 72 MGB? 

MGB's & MGC's up until 77 or so have a dipstick/filler on top of the tranny.
It is accessed inside the car, behind the console, by pulling up the carpet
tab & removing the large rubber plug from the tranny tunnel. Reach in and pull 
out the dipstick...

If you are changing the oil, or need to add some. you may be best off with the 
following rig- 

MGB Filler hose Materials:
        -3 foot section of 1/2 inch heater hose
        -3 inch section of 1/2 inch copper pipe
        -medium size funnel, with about a 1/2+ inch diameter spout.

Push the copper pipe half way into one end of the hose, and the funnel into
the other. Place the copper pipe end in the tranny filler hole- it will fit
nicely.  Hold the funnel end outside the car door, or over papers, and slowly
pour in the proper amount of oil. Give the hose plenty of time to drain.

The later MGB's have a filler plug on the side of the gearbox.

[remember- MGB tranny's are rated to use motor oil, NOT hypoy gear oil]

The rear-end fill and drain plugs on many BMC cars have a square tapered hole
in them. Some folks have success opening them with a  socket wrench, but a
piece of square  stock ground to fit snugly works better. Either grind flats
on the opposite end for a spanner, or bend over the end to make a custom

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