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Re: Squealing Pads.

Subject: Re: Squealing Pads.
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 01:38:37 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-03 19:48:32 EST, writes :

<< I've put new metalic brake pads and turned the rotors on the wife's wheels
and I'm getting a lot of squeal on light brake pressure. >>

The squeal is the noise generated by the pad(s) vibrating at high frequency.
 The general cause is a bit of dirt or rust behind the pad so the pad doesn't
lie flat in the caliper.  Most cars have a set of thin spring steel shims
behind the pads from the factory,.  These thin bits are usually rusted away
to dust by the time the first set of pads wears out.  Replacement shims are
often dealer supply only, also often special order, so a bit of a pain to go
get when you're reassembling the brakes, and are usually left out with the
resultant squealing.

A lot of replacement pads are delivered with a small tube of anti-squeal goop
included in the box.  The stuff is like a thin form of silicone rubber
sealant, you squeeze a bit onto the back of each pad before installing it it
the caliper, that damps out the vibration and stops the squeal.  The same
anti-squeal stuff comes in a small bottle of an ounce or two available at
your local cheap parts store, one bottle should last you for years.  I use
this stuff regularly, works great, and the small bottle doesn't take up much

Another alternative to the pasty stuff is replacement shims made of thin
cardboard with thick aluminum foil on both sides.  These are also available
at your local cheap parts store, die cut to fit many of the more common
applications, and also available as blanks you can cut to fit with scissors
for special applications (like LBCs).  I haven't personally used this product
yet, so no endorsement here.

Barney Gaylord -- 1958 MGA

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