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Re: Squealing Pads.

Subject: Re: Squealing Pads.
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 10:26:56 -0500
Can everyone stand one more comment on squealing brakes?  I had a Merced**
Be** once that had the same problem, the dealer had a solution.  Buy an MG
(just kidding).  They had a very thin Teflon pad that they slipped behind the
brake pads, the squeal disappeared.  It was a very simple and effective

No more MB's
1969 MGB
1987 JAG
In a message dated 96-12-04 09:54:24 EST, (A. B.
Bonds) writes:
>  >I'd look in the shop manuel for the answer to this, but why put a damper 
>  >on the firestorm already raging down at David's gas station?
>  >
>  >I've put new metalic brake pads and turned the rotors on the wife's 
>  >wheels and I'm getting a lot of squeal on light brake pressure.  Firmer 
>  >pressure stops the sound and the car.  No pressure stops the sound but 
>  >car continues in an onward direction of travel.
>  >
>  >Any suggestions to quiet the brakes?
>  >

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