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Re: O.D Speedo Drive Gear

Subject: Re: O.D Speedo Drive Gear
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 19 Dec 1996 13:49:49 -0600
In <v01540b00aedf0b9b6cfe@[]>, wrote:
>>I have recently purchased a O.D. transimssion from a '70B.  I am
>>planning to install it in my '77.  I am hoping that someone out there
>>will have available for sale or swap, the speedometer drive pinion and
>>gear for a late model (75 and up) O.D. tranny.  The drive from my
>>transmission is in good condition if someone is in need of it.  If
>>anyone has alternate suggestions, they are welcome too.
>>Best Regards,
>>Chris Delling
>Chris, its my understanding that you don't change, or cannot, change the
>gear.  I was told they were all the same.  You must change the speedo.  I
>went through this when I changed drivetrains to OD.

The black label (pre-75) and blue label (post 75) LH ODs had different
drive gears.  The down side is that to change them you have to take
the tranny/OD nearly completely apart.

I'd find another speedo, suitable for a black label OD.

                        A. B. Bonds

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