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Re: O.D Speedo Drive Gear

To: "Christopher M. Delling" <>
Subject: Re: O.D Speedo Drive Gear
From: (Bert Palte)
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 14:31:26 GMT
>I have recently purchased a O.D. transimssion from a '70B.  I am 
>planning to install it in my '77.  I am hoping that someone out there 
>will have available for sale or swap, the speedometer drive pinion and 
>gear for a late model (75 and up) O.D. tranny.  The drive from my 
>transmission is in good condition if someone is in need of it.  If 
>anyone has alternate suggestions, they are welcome too.
>Best Regards,
>Chris Delling
I bought a blue label OD gearbox, probably from an 1975 B, having the
'wrong' speedo gear ratio for my 1970 MGB.
You and I, we both need to change both the pinion gear AND the ring gear
inside the OD.

I've been able to buy them,  fortunately. (a used ring gear,  the ring gear
is NLA I was told).
On my box, the pinion gear was missing, but if you want the ring gear, I'll
be glad to ship it to you.
The drawback is that it may take a couple of months since my spare time is
very limited right now.


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