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Re: O.D Speedo Drive Gear

Subject: Re: O.D Speedo Drive Gear
From: "S. L. Hower" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:40:09 -0500 (EST)
On Thu, 19 Dec 1996 wrote:

> I hope this applies only to the early o/d transmissions, as I've been told
> you don't have to change anything to install a later o/d transmission
> (all-synchro), a la 72-73.

  I recently aquired an MGB O/D transmission also.  The unit is from
  a 79 B; I am planning on installing it in a 73 MGB.

  I did a bit of research on the swap and here is what I have found
  from various sources (Bentley, Haynes and A.B Bonds)

  There were two types of O/D's fitted to an MGB (D type and LH type)
  There are two types of LH overdrives ( black label abd blue label).
  The black label is the 'early' LH; the blue label is the later (~76 on).
  The difference between them is the speedo gear *inside* the overdrive.
  The speedo gears are rare and a royal PITA to replace (dissasembly, etc).
  Black label O/D trannys need an O/D speedo. 
  Blue  label O/D trannys and non O/D tranny's use the SAME speedo (~76 on).
  77-80 O/D trannys have O/D on 4th ONLY (tranny remote tower is different)  
  All B's from 68 on use the same length driveshaft (31 1/8).
   (this last point has been debated somewhat)
  Please correct me if any of these are untrue!  


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