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RE: O.D Speedo Drive Gear

Subject: RE: O.D Speedo Drive Gear
From: "john ruse" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 96 19:12:16 UT
You guys are forgetting THE gearbox parts source!!
How many pinions do you need?!!
From: on behalf of A. B. Bonds
Sent:   20 December 1996 15:42
Subject:        Re: O.D Speedo Drive Gear

In <>, Bert Palte wrote:

>I bought a blue label OD gearbox, probably from an 1975 B, having the
>'wrong' speedo gear ratio for my 1970 MGB.
>You and I, we both need to change both the pinion gear AND the ring gear
>inside the OD.
>I've been able to buy them,  fortunately. (a used ring gear,  the ring gear
>is NLA I was told).
>On my box, the pinion gear was missing, but if you want the ring gear, I'll
>be glad to ship it to you.
>The drawback is that it may take a couple of months since my spare time is
>very limited right now.
Bert makes a VERY good point here.  One of the pinions has 20 teeth,
the other 21.  Don't think that you fix the problem by swapping
pinions.  What you will do is tear up both gears, and they are getting
to be VERY rare.  If you are gonna change, you must change both.

                        A. B. Bonds

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