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RE: Cold Air box - MGB

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Subject: RE: Cold Air box - MGB
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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 19:49:19 -0500
>>I've been thinking about this problem with respect
>>to the twin-SU 'B setup.   As you know, the 'B uses
>>shaped filter housings that start the intake air
>>swirling before it enters the carbie.  The front
>>housing opens towards the front of the car, and the
>>rear housing towards the rear.  If one wanted to route
>>some ducting from the grille to these filter openings,
>>what would be the best way to do this?  Unstructured
>>musings yield the possibility of reversing the rear
>>housing such that both open forwards, but I just don't

My muse ... replicate the 'cold air duct' fitted to the
'A'.  Purchase a used 'radiator diaphram' (the bit that
the radiator is mounted to), the MGA 'Cold Air Duct'
(18" length - Moss Part No. 456-110 or 31" length -
Moss Part No. 456-120) and front clamp (Moss Part
No. 326-220) ... enlarge the existing hole on the left
hand side of the used 'radiator diaphram' to approx 4"
... roll a 2" x 4" piece of sheet metal into a tube,
insert it into the hole (so that 1" is protruding from each
side of the 'radiator diaphram'), tack weld it into place,
and paint ... fit the modified 'radiator diaphram' ... attach
the front clamp to the lower air duct panel in front of the
grille ... fit an appropriate length of the 'Cold Air Duct'
between the 'radiator diaphram' and the front clamp.
FWIW ... this is how the 'works' 'B's where prepared
for Le Mans ... also fitted to the 'works' lightweight 'C's.

Once you have the 'cold air duct' fitted you could 1) replace
the existing air filters with a set of K&Ns (the stock filters
are very restrictive) or 2) fit a 'cold air box' to the carbs that
is supplied by a length of 'cold air duct' that attaches to rear
of the modifed 'radiator diaphram'.

The dimensions for the 100M and 100S 'cold air box', that a
100S owner was kind enough to forward to me, are as follows:
>Length 15 3/4"  Width  2 1/8"  Height 4" (all outside diameter)
>Length 16"  Width  2 3/4"  Height 4 1/2" (all outside diameter)
>The other key measurement is,  in both cases the distance
>from the front of the cold air box to the START of the opening
>for the front carb is 3 3/4"

Yep ... a simple aluminum box with one of the small ends
left open, the same penetrations as those fond on the rear
plate of the stock air filter, and small bit of tubing for the
attachment of the crankcase ventilation hose (not applicable
to 5-main 'B' engines) ... and, yes they actually attached a
round hose to the square box with a hose clamp, but a
transition piece seems a bit more appropriate to me.

>>Anybody got a cold air box on their twin-SU 'B?
You could be the first!  ;^)  Should ya decide to 'give it a go',
please send me a note.

Safety Fast! ...
>                      '61 MGA 1600 MkII

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