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Re: Cold Air box - MGB

Subject: Re: Cold Air box - MGB
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 02:04:39 -0600 wrote:
> ..... that the K & N arrangement was no better in terms of air
> introduction to the twin SU's ....

Wasn't it on this list a while back there was a thread on K & N filters?

I liked the scientific explanation that K&N filters are so named because
the special gauze material and the K&N oil perform a chemical synthesis 
to absorb potassium (K) and nitrogen (N) from the air. 

Without the potassium, the combustion process coats the exhaust valve 
with a special thermal transfer material that enhances heat transfer to 
the head thus alleviating that problem area.

As nitrogen is the major component of our atmosphere, it's removal 
greatly increases the percentage of pure oxygen going into the motor thus 
the significant performance improvement.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69MGC/GT (triple K&N filters)

BTW: For those unable to interrupt body english, I'm chuckling now...

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